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Design can be chaotic, so can building a website

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

I'm a "get my hands dirty" kinda artist. I have no problem throwing on some tunes, pulling my hair back, and diving head first in to a mess of paint and collage. On the contrary, It's been like pulling teeth for me to actually sit down and work on my website. Am I alone???

In a world run by technology, your lil keyboard fingers gotta keep up. How do I copy and paste these thoughts again? Oh yeah, there's a command for that..

Meticulously planned color palettes and gesso can't help ya here, Kiddo. Now if I could just figure out how to upload that image..hmmm..

Honestly, like most things, it just comes down to DOING IT! You ride the waves(and the bumps). You make the wrong turns, you delete a few important things... You ultimately learn how to navigate this sucker, keeping your buddy, the Cloud around, and HEY! We got ourselves a live one, Boys!!!

First website down! It's not the painting that won Best in Show, but it still proudly hangs on the wall. So here's looking at you, Discomfort and Fear! Im One Up(smiley face)!!!!

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